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To carry out the provisions of this title and the comprehensive plan, the Town is divided into zone districts. The purposes of dividing the Town into zone districts are: to recognize that certain areas of the Town are in various stages of development; to preserve the character of certain neighborhoods in the Town; and to establish appropriate land uses in existing and newly annexed areas of the Town. The Town is divided into the following zone districts:

A. RA – Rural Agricultural District.

B. LDR – Low Density Residential District.

C. MDR – Medium Density Residential District.

D. HDR – High Density Residential District.

E. OTC – Old Town Center District.

F. NC – Neighborhood Commercial District.

G. HT – Highway Tourist District.

H. SC – Service Commercial District.

I. LI – Limited Industrial District.

J. GI – General Industrial District.

K. P – Public District. (Ord. 711 §1 (Exh. A), 2017)