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A. The Old Town Center Zone District is intended to provide community and tourist commercial uses in the First Street area. The OTC District offers opportunities for attractive street and pedestrian areas designed to attract visitors from the highway-oriented tourist area. The OTC District also provides a unique office setting for smaller establishments.

B. Land uses are permitted as shown in the schedule of uses in PMC 15.02.230.

C. Lot and building requirements shall be as shown in Table 2.5.

Table 2.5. Old Town Center District Standards


OTC – Old Town Center District

Minimum Lot Area

5,000 square feet

Maximum Lot Coverage


Minimum Front Setback

Zero feet measured from the right-of-way or the back of the sidewalk, whichever is greater

Minimum Side Setback

0 feet

Minimum Rear Setback

5 feet

Minimum Setback from Streams and Rivers

25 feet from the normal high water line

Maximum Height

35 feet

(Ord. 711 §1 (Exh. A), 2017)