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Whenever any encroachment, obstruction or unsafe condition, including snow, ice, mud, dirt, debris, rubbish or filth is made, placed, permitted or maintained contrary to the ordinance codified in this chapter, the Town Manager or municipal law enforcement officers shall give notice to the party responsible for the unsafe condition, and/or to the owner or party in control of the real property involved, directing such person to remove or alleviate such encroachment, obstruction or unsafe condition within a time which is reasonable in light of the time required to effect the action, and the safety of persons and property. In the event such direction is not complied with, or if the party to whom notice is due cannot be given such notice, then the Town may effect such action, and the cost thereof may be assessed against the responsible party. Any such assessment may be made a lien on the real property involved by recording a statement to that effect in the records of the Garfield County Clerk and Recorder and by mailing or delivering a copy of such statement to the owner and the party in control of such real property. (Ord. 472 §13, 2003; Amended Ord. 685 §15, 2015)